Medical School Spotlight: University of Toronto

What is a typical week for a UofT medical student?

The recent innovation of our Foundations Curriculum in our pre-clerkship years is more than just a catchy name revamp. Foundations takes a highly integrative approach, promoting our learning using selective eLearning resources to offer flexibility and supportive learning.

Each week has a full day that is unscheduled, and available for self-study or self-initiated activities such as clinical observerships or club initiatives. Lectures typically occur one morning a week with the following afternoon featuring a cased-based learning group activity that is directly related to our morning lecture. Later in the week, a faculty tutor takes our group through the same case, offering their own expertise to guide our learning.

We also typically reserve one half-day a week for anatomy learning. Anatomy is taught via highly-structured comprehensive learning modules and facilitated by our brilliant TAs who guide us through our prosections. Finally, our clinical skills session occurs one half-day a week where we get an opportunity to practice our history taking and physical examination skills on Standardized Patients as well as real patients.

Why should I pick UofT over other medical schools?

Academic experience – The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine works closely with world-class teaching hospitals – SickKids, Sunnybrook, St. Michael’s, and UHN, just to name a few – to ensure the highest quality of medical education for its students. Toronto is home to renowned clinicians and researchers who provide our lectures and even facilitate our small-group learning.

Student life & diversity – Our academies sort students to hospital sites and over time, your academy becomes like your family. Our various small groups offer opportunity to build even closer friendships that can persist a lifetime. With over 250 of the country’s brightest, you can also expect that their interests extend beyond the classroom. UofT hosts over eighty clubs that can be sure to capture any interests and passion you may have!

The 6ix – Having grown up in Toronto, I proudly call it home and find hard to imagine spending my next few years anywhere else. There is never a shortage of things to do in this vibrant city. Whether you want try out that exotic restaurant you saw on BuzzFeed or want to wow your Instagram followers at the Yayoi Kusama AGO exhibition, Toronto is the place to do it!

How can you make your application stand out for this medical school?

Share your story. You are applying to medical school! The journey in medicine is a long road ahead and a challenging one to walk. As an applicant, I am almost certain that you have exhibited your motivation, commitment, and resiliency through the various experiences you have already gone through. Now is your time to show the university that dedication and how you will achieve that in medicine. All the best!

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