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How to Secure a Research Position as a Pre-Medical Student

Many medical schools value research experiences, but it can be confusing and frustrating when you try to secure a research position as an undergrad. Here are some tips that can help you spot an opportunity and secure a position: 1. Find an area you are interested in. Learned something in class that sparked your interest? […]

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What to Expect Following Medical School Interviews and Mentally Preparing for Admissions Results Part 2

Catch up on points #1-4 in Part 1! #5 Stay Off Online Forums (If You Can) During this time where you have no sense of security or control, it is easy to look for more information. You can spend endless days calculating probability, searching the darkest corners of the internet for information about other candidates […]

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What to Expect Following Medical School Interviews and Mentally Preparing for Admissions Results Part 1

We spend so much of our time thinking about the events leading up to interviews or envisioning acceptance day, we often forget about the time we spend waiting. This is an agonizing part of the medical journey that is often unappreciated. You try to navigate being hopeful, but also not hoping “too much” to protect […]

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Preparing for Medical School Interviews: Personal Questions

Personal-type questions appear on almost every medical school interview, whether it be MMI- or panel-based. These questions aim to give the interviewers a sense of your personal traits and attributes, as well as an opportunity to gauge whether they would want to work with you, teach you, and allow you to treat future patients. Thus, […]

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Guideline for Medical School Interview Preparation

Receiving a medical school interview invitation is exciting, especially following the gruesome wait since submitting the application a few months ago. It can be daunting too. Here are 6 general tips for preparing for the medical school interviews. Prepare a document containing common interview questions, such as “Discuss a time when…”, “Why medicine?” or “What […]

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5 Tips for the virtual Modified Personal Interview (vMPI) at the University of Toronto

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Toronto converted their interview format from Modified Personal Interview (MPI) to virtual Modified Personal Interview (vMPI). The vMPI is conducted via an online platform called the VidCruiter system ( There are four stations as in the regular MPI. The interview is asynchronous, therefore there is no open-file station […]

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Preparing for your Virtual Medical School Interview Banner

Preparing for your Virtual Medical School Interview

So it appears we are still stuck in this pandemic and your interview is most likely to be virtual. The difference between this year and last year (and the year before that) though, is that the virtual way of life is no longer a novelty. That means it is expected that you’ve figured out how […]

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General Medical school interviewing tips banner

General Medical School Interviewing Tips

Interview season can be nerve-wracking. Just the thought of your upcoming interview can make your palms sweat and heart race. But breath! The hardest part was getting the interview, so with a few tips and practice sessions you will be well on your way to an offer of admissions. There are several types of interview […]

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5 Tips for Acing your Virtual Medical School Interview

5 Tips for Acing your Virtual Medical School Interview Dress Up  As tempting as it might be to throw on a blazer and rock your comfiest PJs on the bottom – don’t do it! You never know if you’ll need to stand up to grab something or turn on a light so save yourself the […]

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Mdconsultants Q&A with a medical student

Q&A: Medical School Interview Advice in 2022

Psychiatry Resident at the University of British Columbia, Vivian, answered all of your questions regarding the medical school interview process and provided insight into the experience! Vivian provided insightful information about the medical school interview process by answering the following questions during the taping: What advice can you give about preparing for medical school interviews? […]

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