MDconsultants Representation Program for Pre-Medical Students

MDconsultants is committed to providing high-quality and customized consulting to all students who dream of a medical career. We offer our student-focused educational consulting services in a sustainable way by continuing to run at cost. Our ultimate goal is to provide students with the tools, resources and confidence to get into medical school!

As we continue to educate ourselves and keep up to date with current events, MDconsultants is excited to announce our new Representation Program. We are offering a limited number of hours for free one-on-one consultations to selected pre-medical students who self-identify as the following:

  1. Minority
  2. Black
  3. Indigenous
  4. Economically disadvantaged

We want to ensure that minority and economically disadvantaged students are receiving a fair chance at pursuing a career in medicine! Find out more about the Representation Program and to inquire about eligibility by emailing