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Terms & Conditions

All material provided on www.mdconsultantsprep.ca has the pre-determined purpose of providing general information to prospective clients, and should not be taken to constitute professional advice. MDconsultants Consulting Corp. assumes no liability for any incomplete or inaccurate information, and cannot be held responsible for any actions taken based on our material. Users bear sole responsibility for obedience with all applicable university or college rules and regulations. Access to this website does not implicate or establish an advisory, client, or professional relationship; nor is the content on our website intended to substitute professional advice. In addition, any information transmitted to MDconsultants Consulting Corp. by email or through this website does not constitute, implicate, or establish an advisory, client, or professional relationship.

If you choose to engage our services, you must still bear ultimate responsibility for all matters related to your educational and professional goals. While MDconsultants Consulting Corp. may provide recommendations or advice, you will under all circumstances be able to accept, reject, or modify our suggestions. You must make final decisions on all matters related to your file and be responsible for your decisions. To help us best assist you, it is paramount that you make available all relevant information, and keep us informed of any changes to your file.

Please note that it is also your responsibility to guarantee that you meet all deadlines and prerequisite criteria set by each institution. While our objective is to work with you to secure admission to university program(s) of your choice, we bear no responsibility for the final decision that each university makes.


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