Pharmacy School Spotlight: Ferris State University

What is a typical week for a Ferris pharmacy student?

Ferris State University is a unique pharmacy program that has a split campus. The first two years of classes are held in Big Rapids, Michigan. The curriculum covered in the first two years is mostly science based including biochemistry and drug action or medicinal chemistry. The third year of didactics are held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The curriculum in the third year is more clinical and application based. The final year of pharmacy school is clinical rotations. There are six rotations that are six weeks in length including; community, ambulatory care, internal medicine, institutional, and electives. These rotations can be throughout the state of Michigan and some international and out of state rotations are available. Ferris State University offers unique programs called longitudinal APPEs that allow you to complete all of your rotations at one site.

Why should I pick Ferris over other pharmacy schools?

Ferris offers a well-rounded education in regards to different fields of pharmacy. While some institutions are research centered, Ferris is centered in providing patient care. The first year of labs are focused on the community or retail aspect of pharmacy where the second year labs are focused on hospital or institutional aspect of pharmacy. This allows students to develop skills in both areas of pharmacy and tests their interests early on in the program.

The faculty and staff are truly amazing at Ferris. The faculty and staff take the time to get to know you and provide guidance for your career path. They are invested in your education and want to see you succeed.

The alumni network at Ferris is exceptional. Like the faculty and staff the alumni want to get to know you and help you with your education and career path. Ferris has one of the largest alumni networks with over one half of the pharmacists in Michigan being Ferris grads.

How can you make your application stand out for this pharmacy school?

Tell your story; everyone has a reason as to why they want to become a pharmacist. Share your reasons, your interests, and your passions in your application. Grades, PCAT scores, experience, and volunteer work are all important. I believe pharmacy schools are looking for well-rounded applicants. Highlighting your unique story of how you chose pharmacy and what you did to get to this point helps the admission committee get a better understanding of who you are.

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