Top 3 Regrets of Medical Students

At our recent networking event, our consultants and colleagues discussed some regrets that they experienced during medical school. The three regrets that are mentioned most often are listed below, which they would like their future colleagues to be aware of in order to not repeat the mistakes.

1. Not researching what medical school involves prior to starting. The first few months of medical school involves a busy curriculum, which many students find it hard to adjust to. Most students think it will be helpful if an orientation or networking session is held much earlier than school commencement, in order to better prepare for the transition period. This may change the overall perception of medical school into an enjoyable opportunity, rather than a painful experience that gradually improves over time. See our blog on networking for more information.

2. Not networking enough during medical school. Too many students are focused on studying rather than engaging in meaningful social/networking events. Medical students with strong networking skills perform better during clinical rotations, especially rotations away from their Home institution, as they receive tremendous support from their networks in the Away institutions. This is the same case with fellowship applications and job opportunities. Bottom line: form effective networks early on and it will benefit you throughout your career and beyond.

3. Not deciding on a specialty early on, therefore wasting time exploring possible career choices. Doing so will decrease your chances of matching to an ideal specialty as your time is not focused enough in one specific area. Too many students take too much time to decide on a specialty. In reality, the majority of us will be happy with whichever specialty he/she goes in eventually (of course, it may take some time to adjust). Once you are able to provide value to patients and the community, and once you form a strong network in the specialty, you will find the specialty enjoyable and fulfilling.