How To Be A Stand Out Pharmacy School Applicant

Every pharmacy school will have its own set of unique requirements they want applicants to have such as prerequisites, letters of recommendation, minimum PCAT score, and minimum GPA. While you may have achieved all of these requirements it is likely that several other applicants have as well. So what can you do to be a stand out applicant?

Get Involved 

Pharmacy schools are looking for well-rounded applicants. Pharmacists not only have to be knowledgeable on many drugs but also need to be able to communicate effectively to patients and providers. Volunteering, joining student organizations or clubs, sports teams are examples of ways to show your passions outside of academia. 

Hold a Leadership Position

In many settings, the pharmacist is the team leader. Holding a leadership position in a student organization or club shows that you are willing to take on more roles outside of the classroom. These experiences will help you grow as a leader and become more confident in yourself. 

Job Experience

I believe having some working experience in a pharmacy is extremely valuable. This demonstrates to pharmacy schools that you have taken the time to familiarize yourself with the profession and have an understanding of the field you are pursuing. Having a job while completing your undergraduate training shows your work ethic and ability to handle multiple responsibilities at once.

Find Your Reasons

The best way to make your application stand out is to tell your story; everyone has a reason as to why they want to become a pharmacist. Share your reasons, your interests, and your passions in your application. Highlighting your unique story of how you chose pharmacy and what you did to get to this point helps the admission committee get a better understanding of who you are. When choosing letters of recommendation think of individuals who can speak to your passions and reasons for pursuing pharmacy. 

Good Luck!

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