Q&A with a Medical Student -All About the McMaster Health Sciences Program.

McMaster medical student and McMaster Health Sciences graduate, Jim, answered all of your questions regarding the program, the application process, and how to make you stand out as a candidate! Jim provided insightful information about the McMaster Health Sciences program by answering the following questions during the taping:

  1. Can you provide some advise on how to make yourself stand out as an applicant?
  2. What kind of questions are asked in the supplementary application?
  3. What can be done to increase someones chances of getting in?
  4. What is your top advise that you can give to hopeful applicants of the program?
  5. Other than McMaster Health Science, what are other undergraduate programs that can be helpful in securing a seat in Medical School?
  6. Why did you choose Health Sciences at McMaster?
  7. What was your favorite part about being in the program and/or the program itself
  8. What was your least favorite part about being in the program and/or the program itself
  9. Do you feel that graduating from the program gave you an advantage for applying and getting into medical school?

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