Medical School Applications in Canada – Facebook Live Q&A

Ottawa University medical student, Neel, answered questions regarding the application process in Canada, and how to stand out as an applicant for aspiring pre-medical students! The following questions were answered during the Live video Question and Answer taping:

  1. What advice can you give to medical school applicants?
  2. How many schools did you apply to and how many hours did you spend on each application or in total?
  3. Would you recommend applying to as many medical schools as possible?
  4. What is the hardest part about medical school applications?
  5. Can you provide any advice for the ABS?
  6. Viewer question: What do you recommend for high school students just entering grade 9, to establish their path ways if they are targeting Med school down the road?
  7. How did you prepare for the CASPer exam?
  8. How can I stand out as an applicant?

Thanks for watching!

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