Interview Crash Course for MMI, MPI & Traditional is Available Now!

The final, and the most important step for medical applicants is the interview stage. Medical schools across Canada, the U.S and International universities use a variety of interview styles including MMI (Multi-Mini Interviews), MPI (Modified Personal Interview) and Traditional (panel interview). This is the final stage for applicants to show what makes you unique and a suitable candidate for the MD program at your top university choice.

We are offering an interview crash course on December 23rd and January 13th downtown Toronto. This course will run from 10am to 2pm with one of our senior physicians Dr. Suleiman Furmli. Dr. Furmli is a University of Toronto graduate in Family Medicine and has assisted students ace their medical interviews. This course is created to allow students to prepare for all styles of interviews you will come across this application cycle. Find out more by emailing us at or on our website at!