Guideline for Medical School Interview Preparation

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Receiving a medical school interview invitation is exciting, especially following the gruesome wait since submitting the application a few months ago. It can be daunting too. Here are 6 general tips for preparing for the medical school interviews.

  1. Prepare a document containing common interview questions, such as “Discuss a time when…”, “Why medicine?” or “What does … mean to you?”. Write down the structure and activities of how you would respond to that question. This could help to organize your experiences and be prepared for personal questions.
  2. Review current public health issues, such as those related to COVID-19 response, healthcare accessibility, and social determinants of health. 
  3. Practice diligently. There are two ways to practice for the interviews. First, record and watch your response on your own, which would help to identify and improve on your presentation in front of the camera.  Second, seek out peers among friends or anonymously through online forums to get additional perspectives on your interview skills.
  4. Set up your virtual interview environment. If you are using the camera on your computer, slide a few textbooks under your computer to elevate the camera to the level of your face, showing your full face and shoulders. Test your microphone and internet ahead of the interview. Finally, prepare backup plans for any technical or equipment problems.
  5. Identify a quiet and secluded space with a plain background for the interviews. This might mean having to discuss with members of your household about the interview ahead of time or booking independent study rooms in the library.
  6. Do not forget to take care of yourself! Leading an adequate sleep schedule and destress routine helps you to look smart stay alert during the interview and leave a good impression on the evaluator.

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