Free Consultation with MD Consultants

Some say, “the hardest part about medical school is getting in.” Applying to medical school may be an intimidating process in which applicants must excel in multiple areas, including maintaining a high GPA, obtaining a competitive MCAT score, preparing a strong application, and performing well on interviews. While MD Consultants provides students with high quality pre-medical consultations, application preparation and review help, and interview preparation assistance, we launched a partnership with test preparation company Prep101 this year to better help students with MCAT prep.

MD Consultants clients are eligible for a discount on Prep101 MCAT preparation courses and all Prep101 MCAT students receive a complimentary 1-hr consultation with MD Consultants, on any topic of their choice. To receive your free consultation, simply email and show us your registration details with Prep101. For students thinking of enrolling in a MCAT prep course, why not check out the Prep 101 MCAT website to see if their courses are right for you? After you work hard to achieve a competitive MCAT score, MD Consultants guides you through the complexities of the rest of the application process.