Duke of Edinburgh International Award

The future advancement of our society is highly contingent on collaboration and network development, especially in the younger generation. The Duke of Edinburgh is an honourable program supported by Prince Philip that is designed to encourage the young individuals to reach their true potential. Depending on the award level, the candidate is required to be self-motivated to reach specific goals in areas of service, physical activity and projects.

It provides a unique opportunity for bright young minds from all around the world to merge their strengths, interests and experiences into a coherent whole, and assist each other’s understanding of what it means to be a multifaceted individual. As well, distinct and disparate cultures of each individual enriches the experience with the diverse insights and perception that they bring to the table, providing a rare opportunity to further develop a global perspective.

Whether you are a high school or undergraduate student, this organization provides a great opportunity to establish cooperative networking with insightful individuals from all around the world who share a common goal or interest, which may even open doors to future collaboration. Indeed, this award was not a challenge, but a gift of opportunities to explore my interest, passion, and refine my skills. It may even help you with your career decision like it did for myself. I believe Duke of Edinburgh played a significant role in shaping my future aspiration and would strongly encourage you to be part of it.