Application Prep Videos

#1: OMSAS Applications and CASPer Preparation (28min)

Zainab Najarali,
Family Medicine Resident, McMaster University

In this video, University of Toronto Family Medicine Resident Zainab Najarali will be answering questions regarding the OMSAS application process and preparing for the CASPer exam.

#2: Application Preparation Q&A (61min)

Gaya Sivakumar
MD Candidate, Western University

In this video, Western University’s MD Candidate Gaya Sivakumar, leads an Application Preparation Live Question and Answer session.

#3: McMaster Health Sciences Undergraduate Program Q&A (26min)

Rasika Singh, HBHSc, MBA
MD Candidate, McMaster University

McMaster medical student and McMaster Health Sciences graduate, Rasika Singh, answered questions regarding the undergraduate health sciences program, the application process, and how to stand out as an applicant for aspiring pre-medical students

#4: Q&A with McMaster Medical Student on Medical School Applications (60min)

Kevin Kim
MD Candidate, McMaster University

McMaster medical student, Kevin, answers frequently asked questions regarding the application process for medical school.

#5: Q&A with Stanford General Surgery Resident on US Medical School Applications (31min)

Jeff Choi
General Surgery Resident, Stanford University

Stanford University General Surgery Resident, Jeff, answers frequently asked questions regarding the application process for medical school in the United States. Check out his answers regarding US medical school application preparation for pre-medical students.

#6: Q&A with UOttawa Medical Student on Canadian Medical School Applications (36.5 min)

Neel Mistry
MD Candidate, University of Ottawa

OttawaU med student Neel answered questions regarding the medical school application process and how to make you stand out as a candidate!

#7: Q&A with University of Toronto Medical Student on the Medical School Application Process (26 min)

Danning Zhang
MD Candidate, University of Toronto

University of Toronto medical student Danning, speaks on her experience applying to medical school in 4th year of undergrad, also completed at the University of Toronto in Life Sciences.