Dental School Admissions Checklist & Tips

Submitting applications for professional degree programs can be overwhelming when personal statements, letters of evaluation, and individual program requirements pile up. Below is a checklist I created and used throughout my application process to stay organized. Check it out to see where you’re at in your application journey!

  1. Apply early. Submit your completed application when the submission portal opens. In the US many programs use rolling admissions therefore submitting early ensures you’re putting your application in the best position to be reviewed.
  2. Ask for letters of evaluation early. Build connections with your evaluator’s years in advance. Forming strong connections will ensure that your evaluators can confidently provide strong letters of evaluation to support your application.
  3. Carefully read through all application instructions before applying. This includes deadlines for submitting your application, letters of evaluation, and transcripts.
  4. Make your personal statement stands out. Start early by writing multiple drafts. Ask multiple people if they would be willing to read your statement and provide feedback. It can be challenging knowing where to start when writing your personal statement. My advice is to pick a moment in your life that influenced your decision to pursue a career in dentistry. From here begin thinking of the experiences in your life that helped prepare you for dental school. Lastly, include the skills you developed from these experiences and how these skills translate to the career you’re
    interested in pursuing.
  5. Research program requirements before applying. Consider the programs you’re interested in, track application deadlines, carefully read program websites, and scan for additional requirements such as secondary applications and essays. Lastly, and importantly, confirm if the programs mission statement fits your goals and values as a student in training.
  6. Stay Organized. Keep all your application documents in a central folder.
  7. Practice your interview skills. This was one of the most important aspects in my application preparation and a critical component that I believe helped me gain acceptance to programs. Practicing with different people and becoming comfortable with being asked challenging and uncomfortable questions helped me build confidence in my interviewing skills. While attending an admission Q&A, a program director stressed that interviewing is a skill, and they can always
    recognize when students have prepared in advance.

    Best of luck with your applications and reach out to us for application support, interview preparation, and CASPer preparation.

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