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Guidance for future medical school applicants

This is intended for students in the 1st and 2nd year of their undergraduate program who are interested in medicine. While most applicants to medical school are 3rd and 4th year students, successful applicants almost always plan their admission years in advance. Topics that we can discuss include “course selection to maximize your GPA,” “building your autobiographical sketch (ABS),” and “taking the MCAT.” We are also able to offer concrete advice on more basic skills like “time management” and “getting a research position.” Our consultants can also recommend research, volunteer, internship, and travel opportunities to applicants seeking to distinguish themselves from their peers. Check out our Medical School Admissions Guarantee program for more details.

Pre-med 101 crash course

Our Pre-med 101 crash course is designed to introduce students to the basics of pursuing a medical career, including providing information and tips on the medical school application process and beyond. It is led by 1 experienced consultant and is aimed at high school or university 1st and 2nd year students who are further away from the application cycle and would like to learn more about the profession and licensing process of a doctor. This in-person course is held in Toronto during the summer (May-August).

MCAT preparation

The MCAT changed in 2015 and we have partnered with Prep101 to provide our students with the most updated and comprehensive test preparation services. Click the link for more information on the Prep101 MCAT prep course. Our students receive a 20% discount on courses offered by Prep101. Please contact us for details.

Online diagnostic

This tool will allow you to have the competitiveness of your application for medical school assessed against other applicants. One of our experienced consultants will review your profile and schedule a 30 minute telephone or Skype feedback session (10 minute application review + 20 minute feedback). This will provide you with initial direction on how to optimize your application. Book your pre-medical consultation today and have your application reviewed.

Comprehensive application planning

This is intended for 3rd or 4th year students (or graduate students) who are applying to medical school during the current application cycle. Our aim is to help applicants organize and polish their application. After discussing your background, we can identify themes that are likely to resonate with the admissions committee and suggest topics that can be addressed in your personal statements and essays. For applicants using Ontario’s OMSAS system, this will include choosing what activities to include on your autobiographical sketch. We can also offer advice on referee selection and recommend applying to a set of schools where you are most likely to gain admission. Book your medical school application consultation today with one of our medical student consultants.

Application review

This is usually a two-step process, with Step 1 being a content review where we comment on the appropriateness of your subject matter, and Step 2 being a review of your grammar, style, vocabulary, and tone. To minimize costs, we recommend using us primarily as a “content review,” and utilizing free resources such as the Career Centre or Writing Centre at your institution to fine tune your grammar. We will however be happy to assist you with both steps if required.

Applying to US medical schools

We provide extensive application assistance to Canadian students interested in applying to schools in the United States. Many American medical schools have different deadlines and application requirements compared to their Canadian counterparts and often require the completion of specific pre-requisite courses. Our consultants will help you identify target schools that suit your academic credentials and financial situation from the 150+ medical schools in the United States. Assistance with completing AMCAS, secondary applications, school specific essays, and mock interviews is also available. Book your AMCAS review consultation with one of our US medical student consultants today.


We are collaborating with MockCasper to provide the best CASPer prep for students. MockCasper’s full lengths exams are made by Canadian doctors who know what it takes to get in. Once you have completed a MockCasper exam simulation, you may choose to schedule a 60 minute appointment with one of our consultants to evaluate your performance. Evaluations are provided by current Canadian medical students or residents. Check out our CASPer test prep and book your mock exam today.

Medical School Interview preparation

Interview skills are arguably the most modifiable aspect of an application. We offer mock interviews, both in the traditional format and with variations such as the Modified Personal Interview (MPI). Students who have received an interview invite from a particular school can also request a consultant who has previously interviewed at that school. Students also often request a different consultant for each “mock interview” they schedule so as to expose themselves to a variety of interviewing styles. Check out our free medical school interview prep videos on our website!

Interview crash course

Our Interview crash course is designed to prepare students for both the traditional interview and the MMI. The course covers “high yield” questions and themes seen in the medical school interview. It is led by 2 experienced consultants and is aimed at applicants who have received an interview and need help getting started on preparation. This in-person course is held in Toronto during each interview season (January-March).


The MMI format has become increasingly popular with medical schools in both Canada and the US. A traditional 60 minute appointment will usually involve 4 MMI stations (4 x 10 minutes=40 minutes) followed by 20 minutes of feedback. In addition, we also organize MMI group sessions in various major cities during each interview season (December-April). These sessions are extremely popular and usually involve 3 consultants and 3 clients rotating through a 6 station circuit (6 x 10 minutes=60 minutes), followed by 30 minutes of feedback. Book a full mock MMI circuit for the upcoming interview cycle.


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