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MD Consultants started out in 2009 to provide high quality consulting services that would enable aspiring healthcare professionals gain admission into the programs of their choice. We’ve since realized that we can do so much more! MD Consultants 2.0 is about utilizing our unique private network of high-quality physicians to solve diverse and challenging problems. Our current projects range from providing professional second opinions to delivering healthcare in a variety of settings. A common defining characteristic of our physician network is that it is comprised of what we call “Physicians Plus”–that is outstanding clinicians who also excel in at least one other domain be it research, teaching, entrepreneurship, sports, or leadership abilities.

As a physician consultant at MD Consultants, you will hear from us occasionally with professional opportunities that may interest you. All of our physician consultants are independent contractors who work on their own terms and have no obligation to sign up for any projects. Once accepted into our network, you will also have access to other physicians just like yourself.

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You will be contacted within 1 week to set up a brief 15-20 minute telephone conversation with one of our founding partners to learn more about what awaits.

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