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Ali Almail

Ali Almail

University of Toronto

Ali Almail is a second-year medical student at the University of Toronto. Prior to joining the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Ali completed his Bachelor of Arts at Northwestern College, Orange City, IA. During his undergraduate career, his major concentrations were genetics, molecular, and cellular biology, and visual art. He also led a variety of initiatives to advance the mission of equity, diversity, and inclusion in his institution.

Academically, Ali is interested in research that focuses on molecular mechanisms of diseases that can lead to translational opportunities Currently, he is working at the Hospital for Sick Children on paediatric genetics projects. His prior research experiences include studying phage microbiology and the use of confocal microscopy to understand the different conformations of nitric oxide synthase.

Artistically, Ali is interested in exploring how art can be used to advocate and explain tough concepts that may elude words. In addition, he is interested in the intersectionality of medicine, art, and the humanities. He is also currently serving as the Co-Editor in Chief for the Palette Magazine, which is a student-led art and humanities publication started by students at the Termerty Faculty of Medicine.

Areas of Expertise

  • Career coaching
  • Education
  • Medical writing
  • Research and development


  • MD Candidate, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

  • Application Review
  • Interview Preparation
  • Consulting on pathways to medicine
  • Pre-medical students counselling on pursuing a career in medicine

  • Ali has worked on a variety of molecular biology research projects, and can offer guidance on research planning and finding research opportunities
  • He has experience in reviewing research articles, how to present research to an academic audience, and how to tie in research experiences into the story of your application.

  • Tutoring a variety of science subjects such as Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Molecular Biology


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