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Yosuf Saqib

Yosuf Saqib MD

Family Medicine

Yousuf is a Family Medicine resident completing his training at the University of Toronto. He is an international medical graduate, having completed his training in the Caribbean at Windsor University School of Medicine and matching to his program immediately after. As such, he is highly experienced with optimizing residency applications and excelling in interviews.

Yousuf is the author of Fire Medical School Companion and Fire Anatomy Mnemonics – two innovative textbooks for medical students, which he wrote whilst in medical school.

He also founded The Dr. You Method – a company centered on teaching and advising medical and premedical students on social media.

Yousuf’s clinical interests include trauma, emergency medicine, and global health.

Areas of Expertise

  • Career coaching
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship in Medicine
  • Medical writing


  • Family Medicine, University of Toronto
  • MD, Faculty of Medicine, Windsor University School of Medicine
  • BSc, Kinesiology, York University

  • Saqib, Y. (2022). Fire Medical School Companion: Basic Sciences. Yosuf Saqib.
  • Saqib, Y. (2021). Fire Anatomy Mnemonics. Yosuf Saqib.

  • Founder – The Dr. You Method: founded and led a company that uses interactive teaching methods and stories on social media to engage premedical and medical students in medical topics.


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