Shanna Yeung

  • Undergrad School: University of British Columbia
  • Professional School: Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
  • Degrees: N/A. Accepted after three year of undergraduate study
  • Skills and Interests: Clinical Research, Community Outreach, Self-Development

Shanna Yeung is a medical student at the University of British Columbia. She is always conducting multiple clinical research projects, and has several peer-reviewed publications. She is passionate about empowering marginalized populations and is currently  involved in charity community outreach improving healthcare access to socio-economically disadvantaged populations. She previously founded the community service groups Music Outreach Society and Vision Health Volunteers . She aspires to one day be an academic clinician actively engaged in clinical practice, community outreach work, and research. She is excited to give back the mentorship she received to the students that she will work with!


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