5 Tips for Surviving Virtual Learning for Pre-Medical and Medical Students

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Maybe you are moving into exams or are looking to reset as you start your summer, either way we all know, virtual learning can take its toll!  Here are some simple tips to help you remain motivated and achieve your academic goals!

  1. Love Your Space.

When you are spending all day, every day at home, you might as well make it your happy place!  This doesn’t have to be an expensive fix – a quick tidy or rearrangement of your furniture, even some small investments like purchasing a new candle or printing some photos for your wall can go a long way to making you feel inspired and motivated!

  1. Set a Timer. 

Struggling to focus? Do your web searches stray from your academic pages to online shopping, Reddit, and Instagram?  Try setting a timer.  Start small and build up.  Reward yourself with breaks once you’ve completed your distraction-free session!  Knowing you have a break to look forward to can help motivate you to put the distractions aside.

  1. Virtual Study Dates.

Okay, I know I know, you spend countless hours in virtual calls, the last thing you want is another online commitment but trust me… it works!  Find a friend that you study well with – maybe you used to be library pals or perhaps you met someone new in class.  Set up a time to study simultaneously while connected virtually.  Having a friend online with you will emulate the ‘library’ or ‘coffee shop’ experience – you can chat on your breaks, keep each other focused and, when you have a question, you can talk through concepts together!

  1. Get Dressed. 

Okay so we can’t pretend that rolling out of bed or exclusively wearing sweatpants or pajamas isn’t a perk of studying from home.  However, even if you are only changing from one pair of sweatpants to the next, getting dressed in the morning can make you feel more productive and bring back that sense of normalcy.  

  1. Celebrate the Little Things!

This past year has taught us many things and one of them is the importance of being grateful for the little things!  Never will we again take for granted the ability to go out for dinner, to a movie, to a concert or to hug our best friend and family!  We might not be there yet but hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate what we do have – Just completed a quiz or finished an assignment?  Celebrate with your favorite take out – and hey – you’ll be supporting local while you’re at it!  

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